A Japanese language institute for people who wish to work in Japan.

The Tokyo Foreign Language College was founded in the world-leading metropolis of Shinjuku in 1976.
Over the past 40 years, we have taught a multitude of exchange students in practical Japanese language courses.
In addition to our achievements as an educational institution, we maintain a constant focus on teaching Japanese that is used in the workplace.
Today’s Japan offers a multitude of career fields where you can achieve your potential.
We have prepared a topclass teaching environment for everyone seeking to achieve their dreams in Japan.

Pick from two courses depending on your level and goals.

Take our longer course to learn Japanese more thoroughly, at a slower pace.

Admission period Course Class size Total students
April Morning class 40 students 60 students
Afternoon class 20 students

This course accommodates overseas school calendars, allowing for a seamless transition into a Japanese study abroad course after graduation.

Admission period Course Class size Total students
October Morning class 20 students 40 students
Afternoon class 20 students

Class times

Morning class 9:00 〜 9:45 Afternoon class 13:20 〜 14:05
9:55 〜 10:40 14:15 〜 15:00
10:50 〜 11:35 15:10 〜 15:55
11:45 〜 12:30 16:05 〜 16:50


Grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, conversational speech, Japanese characters, vocabulary, exam prep, Japanese social studies. The 18-month course is 1,284 classroom hours, the 2-year course is 840 classroom hours per year.

Messages from our teachersThrough a deeper mutual understanding, we will make our dreams reality.

Chief DirectorTetsukazu Takeda
Hoang Dieu Thuy

Starting a new life in a new country can cause a lot of anxiety. If you have any worries, feel free to come to talk to me at any time. I want to offer my support to all of you so that you can feel safe and secure in an environment primed for learning.

Yoriko Hoshi

There will be times when your Japanese studies become difficult. Those are the moments when you need to find something enjoyable to ensure your success. We’ll work to find what makes it fun for you.

Yoshimasa Uechi

Here in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is where your dreams will become a reality. We’re here to support you 100%.

Masayuki Kimura

To study a language is to study a culture. By gaining a greater understanding of different cultures and their values, we learn to view the world from an international point of view.

Natumi Kodama

Every day is a new challenge, where you can put what you learn in class into real practice right outside the classroom door. Build on those little successes and feelings of “I did it!” throughout your daily life in Japan.

The History of the Tokyo Kokusai Gakuen

1951 Founding of our parent organization, the Nippon Radio Technical School.
1963 Japan Electronics College established
1976 The Shinjuku Foreign Language College established in honor of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Nippon Radio Technical School. Authorized to operate as a vocational school in September of the same year.
1978 Renamed to Tokyo Foreign Language College.
1985 Establishing foundation renamed to Tokyo International School.
1999 Sister-school relationships established with Chin Min Institute of Technology in Taiwan, and Sungduk College in Korea.
2005 Sister-school relationship established with Seoil College in Korea.
2017 Japanese Language Institute of TFLC Established


Tokyo metro Marunouchi line 2-minute walk from Shinjuku Gyoenmae station